Market Research Company Reviews Peabody Bankruptcy

(Wyoming) Seeking Alpha, an investments research website, wrote a scathing report on Peabody Energy's latest Chapter 11 filing news. In it, they allege the company's management was "inept and incompetent" and did nothing to avoid bankruptcy. But the site did research in to the company's filing and it appears Peabody is trying to keep their Australian mines out of the Chapter 11 administration. Included in the report was this chart for investors that called for a "completely unrealistic" forecast of demand for coal: [image: 4193841-14615383507020254.png] h/t Seeking Alpha In the coming month, the company will be having a meeting with creditors, a hearing regarding the sale of their stake in Prairie State (a coal-fired plant and coal mine in Illinois), and a May 17th hearing on their reclamation issues. You can read more on the report here. (Subscription required .) A complete list of court documents related to this case are available here . #county17 #news