Crook County students observe Cowboy Poetry Week

(Sundance, Wyo.) Poet Laureate Patricia Frolander spent last week workshopping with 4th and 5th graders at Sundance Elementary. Using different items that a cowboy would use, the classes each composed their own poem to celebrate Cowboy Poetry Week. Groups of students wrote a stanza each to produce a six stanza poem for each grade. [image: 13063009_10154034230088898_8154161453756100522_o.jpg] Here are the results! Fourth Grade Cowboy Poem: Handkerchief many uses; Block'n dust from your face. When wet it keeps you cool. All you need to do is dip it in a pool. Cowboy boots protect you from snakes. The heels hold on to the stirrup. Colorful leather designs. Pointed, round, and square toes. A straw cowboy hat protects from rain and sun. I wear it from sun up until my ranch work is done. I hit it on my chaps to make stubborn cattle think. And when my throat is dry and parched, I use it for a drink. Spurs have many uses; Gets your horse moving. Spurs of metal mark the trees, dig for water if in need. Chaps are made from leather, saves you from the weather. Protects you from thorns and brush, so you can be in a rush. Saddle bags are used in many ways. Cowboys used them in the early days. They hold the things you need. The things are water, wire cutter, and human feed. [image: 13048251_10154034232643898_3014853941675011930_o.jpg] Fifth Grade Cowboy Poem: Bandanna on my back, as cool as an ice pack. It protects me from the sun. Now my rhyming is done. They keep your feet in the stirrup. Let's go riding "Giddy-up". Boots, they protect your feet from the waving heat. I had a hat. I sat it on a rat. He took it away, to the hay. Spurs, they make a tasty snack. If a horse is lazy you can make him clack, clack, clack. Spurs dig up water that you can drink. Spurs can also go clink, clink, clink. Chaps keep you warm from the storm. They protect your legs from bees and trees. Bag for cowboy's lunch. Don't forget to put the tag in the bag for the calves. Put the rope in the bag with the tag. The bag is on the steed the cowboy mounts and leaves. #county17 #news