Governor speaks with Campbell County government students

(Gillette, Wyo.) Governor Matt Mead began his address at CCHS this morning by speaking about his love of Gillette and how much it means to him. He went on to outline the duties of his position, including the committees he serves on and the role of a governor in Wyoming. He talked about his visit to Afghanistan a few weeks ago, and the Wyoming troops he spoke with while he was there. He also touched on how important coal is and the effects of the downturn on oil and gas prices in the state. "Coal will come back," he said. "But it's not just a price issue, it's a regulatory issue." During a question and answer session, his first question was what his thoughts were on Donald Trump. The governor expressed frustration with a lack of seriousness about issues he generally agrees are important. "My feeling with the presidential race is that I'm disappointed with the level of debate," Mead told the audience. "If you're not at the table with those groups you disagree with, you're on the menu." He went on to explain that this country needs someone to problem solve and stay with the issues. "The world's watching. If we want to be a leader, we have to have a process that provides confidence." #county17 #news