Separate incidents reported of check forgery; fraud

(Gillette, Wyo.) Tuesday around noon, First National Bank informed Gillette Police that a 52 year old customer of theirs reported that two checks for $200 each had been cashed in his name on the 14th and 20th of April. Bank staff had the man complete forgery report papers when he realized that the money had been withdrawn from his account. Both checks had been issued to a 28 year old woman and had a signature which the man said was not his own. He does not know the woman that forged his name. Blank checks have been missing from his residence since approximately a year ago, when he was out of town. He told officers that at the time he had notified the bank then to cancel the checks. Police are currently investigating. Tuesday around 1:30 p.m., a woman reported that her 18 year old daughter had been receiving phone calls from a Nebraska number asking for money. The caller reported working for a Federal agency and claimed to need $250 from the teenager to "fix her financial trouble." She was told the only way to pay was to put money on an iTunes Apple card. According to GPD Sergeant Jason Marcus, in order to curb her debt, she made the $250 payment. But the suspect called again, asking this time for $750. That's when the girl's mother got involved and reported it to police. They are investigating. *Stock photo h/t Tim Pierce // Pitchengine Communities* #county17 #news