Thunder Basin High School Is Not Actually 'On Hold'

(Gillette, Wyo.) Yesterday at the Wyoming High School Activities Association board of directors meeting in Casper, commissioner Ron Laird reportedly told the Casper Tribune that "Apparently, construction on the school is going to continue, but everything else (associated with the school) has been put on hold." This was part of the concern of the state athletic activities board regarding whether or not Thunder Basin would have the student numbers to classify them as a 4A team for competition. This morning we asked CCSD's Jeff Wasserburger for comment on the article and whether or not the district has actually stopped planning for the new South Campus high school beyond hiring a principal. In a statement to County 17, Senator Wasserburger said that the district is still moving forward on opening Thunder Basin High School. "The school board believes that all systems are go at this time," the press release read. The school board has reportedly asked Athletic Director Cliff Hill to research the costs of all athletic teams and co-curricular activities. "These costs include coaching salaries, travel, and equipment for all activities involved in a comprehensive high school," the statement said. "The school board will hear the presentation on total costs to open a new high school at South Campus at a future board meeting." Thunder Basin is scheduled to open in the fall of the 2017-2018 school year. But by the start of the next school season, the board of trustees will look at enrollment numbers of the district and have a better idea of state funding for the schools. They have stated that they will make a decision on the opening of Thunder Basin High School at that time. The district has hired a head principal but is waiting on hiring an associate principal and athletic director. As of right now, the district still plans on opening a second high school at South Campus in 2017. #county17 #news