Suspect in destruction of property found already arrested for DUI

(Wright, Wyo.) At 10:38 a.m. on Thursday, the Sheriff's Office took a report of destruction of property on Highway 59. Someone driving recklessly around the property had damaged the dirt and gravel that was being used for construction. Deputies learned that a commercial parking lot was being installed at that location, and a large amount of gravel was used to prep the area for that, as well as other improvements. Some time on the evening of the 27th, someone was "spinning cookies" there, tearing up the surface. Repairs to the property are estimated to take 5 hours and cost $725 to fix. Deputies found tread marks leading away from the scene, and a Camaro covered in mud was parked in the back parking lot. Its tires matched the tire marks found in front. The owner of the Camaro, 23 year old Austin Rottler, had been arrested for DUI on the 27th. Rottler was questioned in detention prior to being released for the DUI. He was cited with destruction of property. #county17 #news