Suspect In Police Shooting Awaits Attempted Homicide Charges

(Gillette, Wyo.) This morning the Sheriff's Office feels lucky that the most they will have to deal with is a disabled patrol car. As we reported yesterday, there was an officer involved shooting Sunday morning on Highway 59 near Weston. The call originally started as a welfare check at 1 a.m. on May 1st. Reportedly there was a man who was depressed and the reporting party said that he'd driven up Highway 59 towards the turnout for Burnt Hollow, near mile marker 135. When a Sheriff's Deputy approached the walk-in area, she noticed in her headlights someone laying on the ground next to a vehicle. Before she could park, the deputy realized she was being shot at. She and the Highway Patrolman driving behind her reversed out of the walk-in and set up their patrol vehicles across the highway. According to Campbell County Sheriff Scott Matheny, both patrol cars were shot at with a bolt action .306. The deputy's vehicle was incapacitated. As the Trooper shined his spotlight across the highway, a round was fired at his hood, where he had been standing just moments earlier. He took cover and fired towards where he had last seen the suspect. They issued commands for him to surrender and the suspect, Brandon Daly, 20, of Gillette, complied and was arrested. He has not been officially charged with anything yet but the Sheriff's Office is seeking two charges of attempted homicide. An investigation is ongoing, with the shooting scene having been investigated yesterday and the cars involved being processed today. Both officers are on leave. Thankfully no one was injured. #county17 #news