Wright hosts workshop to help residents plan for the future

(Wright, Wyo.) There's no better time then right now to think about your future. If you've been considering a career path change, going back to school, opening a business, or just want to know how to trim your household budget, the Town of Wright has decided to host a workshop to cover a wide range of topics. "We all could learn how to save more money and have more resources at the end of the month," said economic development coordinator Brandi Harlow. "It's a good opportunity to prepare." "Planning for the Future" will feature a panel of volunteers from Gillette College, Workforce Services, local business owners and financial experts. Afterwards, each adviser will host their own round table group for their individual topic, to answer questions directly from groups that have specific needs. Susan Jerke from Wyoming's Small Business Development Center (of which Pitchengine's COO, Fabian Lobera , is a board member,) is one of the volunteers that will be on hand to help. "She offers all kinds of entrepreneur guidance," Harlow said. "They're not selling anything, they're just here to guide people." If there's an opportunity to refinance your home, or take off some mortgage insurance, or work something out on your vehicle loan, Wright is hoping you can discover it at their workshop. Gillette College is hoping to talk to residents of Southern Campbell County about what they are looking for in terms of distance learning, and introduce their new workforce training program. There will also be someone on hand to answer questions about retirement funds and planning. The workshop starts at 5 p.m. at Wright's Town Hall on Thursday, May 5th. You can also contact the Town at 307-464-1666. *Photo h/t Steve Buissinne // Pitchengine Communities* #county17 #news