Early County Leaders Were Fashion-Forward

(Gillette, Wyo.) It's the last month to check out "Cowtown Couture" at the Rockpile! The museum's latest temporary exhibit features early fashions from homesteaders, cowboys, and ranchers of early Gillette and Campbell County. Today they shared photos from the display of Olive Orton Anderson, who was hailed as a "Reader, Impersonator, and Teacher of Literary Interpretation, Vocal Technique, and Physical Culture." Anderson was the wife of the first County Attorney, Elwood Anderson, and worked to improve life in the burgeoning Gillette community by organizing educational, civic, and cultural activities. The early 1900's pink silk dress pictured above was part of her fashionable wardrobe. The arrival of the railroad in 1891 greatly boosted the number of people settling in northeastern Wyoming. In 1892, the incorporation of the new town of Gillette brought banks, churches, schools and other amenities to local families. Locally, clothing began to reflect a desire for style as well as the sturdy, functional apparel that was necessary for rugged life in the country. Check out authentic, century-old local clothing including an 1878 bearskin coat, an intricately beaded dress from the early 1900s, and an array of fashionable hats once seen on the streets of Gillette at the Rockpile Museum until the end of May! #county17 #news