Suspect Charged In Sunday Morning Shooting

(Gillette, Wyo.) Brandon Daly appeared in Campbell County Circuit Court Tuesday, charged with two counts of attempted first degree murder. According to court documents he shot four rounds in to a Sheriff Deputy's patrol car, and one round in to the patrol car of a State Trooper. An alleged ex-girlfriend of Daly's had called the Sheriff's Office Saturday night, saying that he had been drinking and she was concerned for his welfare. Daly had allegedly been discharged from Army boot camp in February for depression. He later admitted to investigators that he was suicidal and just wanted to "die in peace," but was hoping to talk to his ex-girlfriend when instead law enforcement arrived. He claimed to be angry that officers "interrupted him." Video footage reviewed by detectives shows that the responding Sheriff's deputy did not have lights and sirens on when she approached Daly at the parking lot area on north Highway 59. He insists that his reason for firing shots in to the engine was because he did not want to talk to law enforcement. An alcohol breath test at detention gave readings of .101% and .095%. During interrogation, Daly reportedly told officers that if he were allowed to bond out of jail, he was a significant suicide risk. His bond was set at $1,000,000, cash-only. #county17 #news