Canadian Wildfire Threatens Air Quality Over Northeast Wyoming

(Gillette, Wyo.) A wildfire has been burning out of control in Alberta, Canada since Tuesday. Some 88,000 residents in Fort McMurray have already been evacuated twice -- first from their homes in the area and then from their refuge location 30 miles south. The fire has spread over 18,000 acres and in some areas has destroyed 80% of homes. People on Facebook have been sharing photos of exhausted firefighters grabbing sleep anywhere they can. [image: 13133188_1207676655933258_2880683610424043995_n.jpg] The National Weather Services out of Grand Forks, North Dakota snapped this photo yesterday of the skies from the North, with upper level winds driving wildfire smoke south. twitter embed The NWS is saying that if the fire continues, smoke could cover our region by the weekend, and an air quality alert may have to be issued for the Black Hills area. NASA satellite imagery already shows smoke extending from the fire as far south as Nebraska. Photo h/t National Weather Service // Pitchengine Communities #county17 #news