Local Girl Scouts Visit Gillette Cancer Center

(Gillette, Wyo.) Did you know that when you buy a box of girl scout cookies, you have the option to pay it forward? The Girl Scout Gift of Caring program makes it possible to support others in need and your local Scout troop at the same time. Utilizing this program, the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming have donated over 17,000 boxes of cookies in the past three years. The treats go to the American Cancer Society, their Relay for Life events, and different health centers throughout Montana and Wyoming. [image: IMG_1452.JPG] Last Monday, several local troops delivered cookies to patients at the Campbell County Hospital Cancer Center. Armed with 300 boxes of Thin Mints and other varieties, Girl Scouts gave the cookies to patients and their families. Not only are Thin Mints a favorite, they also serve a second function for people receiving radiation treatment. Peppermint helps override nausea for some patients. People can also experience Dysgeusia, a change in their sense of taste. Some may have a metallic or chemical taste in their mouth that Thin Mints have been found to counteract. For more information on how to get involved with your local Girl Scout chapter, you can visit the council website , or contact Northeast Wyoming's manager, Mackenzie Ivie, at 1-800-736-5243, ext. 2301. #county17 #news