Law Enforcement Reports Multiple Fraud Cases

(Gillette, Wyo.) Tuesday night the Campbell County Sheriff's Office took a report from a 53 year old woman saying that she'd repeatedly been called by someone claiming they were from Social Security. The caller would demand personal information, which the woman refused to give, in regards to disability claims. Monday night was the most recent call, from a number in Sheridan, asking about a social security claim. She told the caller that she had not applied for a claim, and did not give them her personal information. She reported it to the Sheriff's Office to let people know this kind of scam was going on. Tuesday afternoon a 33 year old woman reported to Gillette Police that she had sent $1700 in moneygrams to various people in multiple locations. She'd been contacted in December by a person claiming to be with "USBA." The scammer told the woman she was being sued for $5500, but could settle out of court for just $1700. She had just sent a final payment recently when someone new claimed she still owed $1400, to "Advance America Cash Advance." This was when she realized it was a scam and filed a report. You can keep up to date on scam alerts and file complaints with the FTC's Consumer Information Website . #county17 #news