State Parks Are Prepping for the Summer and Want You to Stay Aware

(Wyoming) The recent rains, in combination with snowpack melt across the state, will definitely bring higher water flows along the rivers through June, according to the Wyoming Department of State Parks. That means there's also a risk of debris and other floating hazards when you're out on the water. "Watercraft users are reminded to be vigilant in looking for driftwood, logs, trees and hazards that may be hidden under the water’s surface," said Wyo Parks' Gary Schoene. "Rapid runoff during this time of year can result in a variety of objects flowing into the state’s reservoirs; objects that can cause damage to a watercraft or motor." Higher than normal water levels at reservoirs along the Platte River especially are expected through most of the summer. Campsites and possibly ramps may be affected. In anticipation of continued rising water levels at Glendo State Park, two Indian Point restrooms have been pumped, sanitized and locked. "High water at Glendo is not an uncommon occurrence," Glendo State Park Superintendent Brian Johnson said. "Yes, some amenities may be affected but we are working with the community of Glendo and the local marina to ensure our visitors have the ability to experience one of the best reservoir parks in Wyoming." Due to the potential for rapidly increasing water levels, visitors are reminded to use caution when camping near the shoreline. Beginning May 16, an informational phone number will be activated and visitors can get up to date information regarding water levels, boat ramps, and campsite availability by calling 307-777-3483. Updated information is also available at the Wyo Parks website. *Photo h/t Heather Kelly // Pitchengine Communities* #county17 #news