CCSD Business Manager seeks public office

Today, Campbell County School District Business Manager Don Dihle announced that he will be seeking election to House District 32. "I believe that if your primary motivation is to serve, you are likely to make the right decisions and right compromises regardless of the situation you find yourself in," he said in his announcement. "George H. W. Bush said 'Any definition of a successful life must include service to others.' I am nearing the end of a career; now in my 35th year with the school district. If elected I am at the point in my life where I can dedicate a great deal of time and energy representing the citizens of Gillette and Campbell County at the Wyoming Legislature." Currently, Dihle serves on the local Joint Powers Regional Water Panel, and on the state level he is a member of the School Finance Data Advisory Committee and Wyoming Governmental Investment Fund Board of Trustees. "We need economic growth and simply cannot afford a government that believes more taxes and regulation is the path to get there," he said. "True economic growth can only come from businesses that can make a profit and create jobs." Dihle says he believes in maintaining local control as much as possible, wants no new taxes on energy, and believe the legislature should have expanded Medicaid. #county17 #news