Summer college courses geared toward helping displaced workers

In response to the recent layoffs at several local area companies, Gillette College is reaching out to its fellow community members to provide several special summer programs aimed at providing retraining and work-related experience to displaced workers. “We are honored to be a part of the Gillette and Campbell County community,” said Mark Englert, CEO and VP of Gillette College. “As a community member, we feel it is not only our duty but our pleasure to do everything we can to assist all those looking to retrain or shift careers. We are here to help in any way we can.” One way the College is helping out is to provide a series of Job and Training Workshops on such topics as resume and cover letter writing, using a computer, Microsoft Word, the interview process, how to apply for a job, and email and internet basics. Additionally, throughout the summer the college is hosting Commercial Driver Training courses and a short Certified Nursing Assistant program in July. Two-week welding certification programs are also on tap. Financial assistance is available for some of these programs. For more information about all retraining and certification options for displaced workers, please contact Gillette College at (307) 686-0254. #county17 #news