Year-Round Indoors Farmers Market Opens Today

(Gillette, Wyo.) The Gillette Farmer's Market has officially moved! The Tuesday outdoor market that used to be in the Open Door Church parking lot downtown is now on Lakeway Road next to Sears, and today was their second week in the new spot. Not only is the traditional Tuesday market available in the parking lot from noon until 3 p.m., Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 - 6 there is an indoor market, antiques restoration workshop, and consignment store setting up shop in the same spot. [image: 20160524_123611.jpg] Missie Chako with the new Lakeway Farmer's Market says it's the only year-round farmer's market available in Wyoming. She's hoping it will become a center for residents who think they may have something to offer the community but aren't sure how. "This is a time for people to really figure out what they can do. If you make something, bring it," she told County 17. "If you're artsy and crafty and don't know what to do with that, come on in. We'll promote it and teach you how to run your small business." [image: 20160524_122230.jpg] The goal is to bring money in to the county from outside vendors, as well. Not only are people selling farm-fresh eggs, milk, produce, and packaged foods like tarts and preserves -- there's soap, jewelry, art, and even a section for baby items that will be available in the coming weeks. "We are able with some families to bring out one or two more businesses that they could do that they didn't even know they could, and we give them the materials and they go out and start doing it." [image: 20160524_122500.jpg] The building has individual vendor stalls around the back, but up front is a retail store -- "Joni's Art, Decor, & More." You can bring in whatever you have to sell and they will stage it, price it, and store it in the consignment area. They've got their own antiques picker on staff and a shop in back to refinish anything anyone buys with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint. With three truckloads of antiques still on the way, the new Farmer's Market will begin filling up quickly. The walls are already lined with wood beams, windows, and furniture salvaged from old ranches. [image: 20160524_124657.jpg] "We've got every kind of barn wood," Chako said as she toured us around the market. "People are tearing apart their homesteads, and we'll consign what they have for them. We want people to make it through this." The new vendor fee for the site is $100 a month, but includes both an indoor stall and an outdoor one. The space will allow for all kinds of additional events, like bands, mazes, and community workshops. And of course, good food. [image: 20160524_123555.jpg] "If someone comes in here and doesn't have food, they're going to eat," explained Chako. "I'm gonna feed 'em. Our heart is to serve our community. We do this because it's a passion." #county17 #news