Forget what you heard: We clear up some local 'bust' speculation

(Gillette, Wyo.) You may have heard a rumor that thousands of U-Haul trucks are being sent to Gillette to aid in a mass exodus of residents from Campbell County. The truth is: not so much. Kristene Partlow, owner of both Gillette U-Haul locations, says that while they've definitely seen an increase in rentals, it's nowhere near what they've heard about. Part of the increase is due to it being a busy season anyway, with Memorial Day weekend right around the corner. "There's no three week wait list," Partlow told County 17. "Anyone that needs to can call us and we can still accommodate them." While it does make her sad that there are people leaving the city, they'll do everything they can to help residents who need it. But that need isn't necessarily limited to just Gillette. "I was in Spearfish recently and they're also really busy, too," she added. "It's locations all over Wyoming." There were plenty of truck available at the 1st Street location when we visited today. While it's inevitable that some will choose to move on during the economic downturn, there isn't evidence that it's happening on a widespread scale. That's also reflected in school attendance, as well. You may have heard a rumor that the schools were losing hundreds of students a day after the mine layoffs. During a school board meeting on May 10th, it was revealed that while the Campbell County school district saw a decrease in enrollment of 205 students, the number from the previous year was a loss of 161 students. It suggests that so far, attendance numbers aren't suddenly dropping off. "Not a long ways out of the ordinary over the last four years," said Superintendent Dr. Boyd Brown. "We'll probably lose between 200-250 students next year, but that's probably going to be wrong." #county17 #news