City of Buffalo one step closer to flood prevention

(Rock Springs, Wyo.) This morning the Wyoming Business Council unanimously approved a grant that will help the city of Buffalo control floodwaters. $193,132 will be used to construct a 40-foot dam spillway area at Dump Draw, which is outside the city limits, and is owned privately by French Creek Properties. The company has agreed to a 100-year easement for the 6.5 acres of land necessary to construct the dam site and a "flood inundation surface site," both necessary to control rainfall and runoff that flows through the city into Clear Creek. In June last year, Buffalo experienced severe flooding, and there have been four other major flood events in Buffalo since the 1980s. The grant is considered a business development for "imminent threat." The city asserted that if something wasn't done soon, the likelihood of another disaster occurring again was high. The total cost of the project will be almost $700,000. The rest of the money necessary for the dam spillway is expected to come from a FEMA Hazard Mitigation grant. Buffalo's application for a FEMA grant will not be considered until July. It's estimated that flood mitigation will save the city millions of dollars in damages over the course of the next 50 years. #county17 #dally #news