Former Sports Reporter Faces a Dozen Charges Stemming from Relationships with Underage Girls

(Buffalo, Wyo.) On April 6th, employees of the Buffalo Bulletin called the Buffalo Police Department after reportedly discovering "inappropriate conversations" between 24 year old Michael Johnson, a sports writer for the paper, and several underage females. Johnson had been fired the day before, and the files had been found while they were attempting to wipe personal data from his work computer. Some of the girls involved in chats with Johnson were 17 and 18, but a third girl was identified as being only 15 years old, and allegedly Johnson had offered to give her pot. It was through conversations with the 15 year old's parents that Buffalo Police were able to use the girl's phone to send text messages to Johnson. He arranged to meet her at a city park and bring her marijuana, which is when law enforcement stopped him. He was cited for driving under suspension, expired registration, and was arrested for possession with intent to deliver to a minor. Further investigation of the teenagers involved with Johnson points to his allegedly having sex with a 16 year old after giving her alcohol. It is unclear how he met these high school students, though through his employment with the Buffalo Bulletin he did cover high school sports stories. On May 23rd he appeared in Johnson County District Court on charges of possession with intent to deliver (a felony), misdemeanor possession of marijuana, and sexual abuse of a minor, also a felony, with a possible 15 year sentence. District Court sent the case back to Circuit Court. New charges were filed against Johnson this morning, upon the discovery of new information. In addition to the original two counts related to marijuana possession, Johnson is being charged with two felony counts of sexual abuse of a minor. There are now also eight felony counts of possession of child pornography, stemming from videos and photos found on Johnson's iPhone and work computer. Each of the felony pornography charges brings a 5 to 12 year sentence if found guilty. #county17 #dally #news