Man Injured in Oil Field Accident

(Wright, Wyo.) Around 2:45 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, the Campbell County Sheriff's Office received a call that an oil field worker had been discovered unconscious, about two and half miles north of Highway 387 on Clarkelen Road. By the time help arrived, the 31 year old was sitting up and was conscious, and knew his name and location but was struggling with the date. There was a bit of a language barrier trying to assess if he had a concussion as English was not his first language. It appears the man had been hit in the head with a piece that had fallen off the rigt. He had a head wound and was complaining of pain in his chest. His head wound had been bandaged by co-workers before EMS and Fire arrived. No one knows how long the man had laid there unconscious before someone found him. Deputies cut away his coveralls and shirt to check his chest for injuries. It appeared his collarhone was fractured and his left arm appeared to be drooping. He appeared to be suffering from shock but didn't immediately appear to have a concussion. Both Campbell County Fire and EMS checked him over and he was lifeflighted back to Gillette for treatment. His condition is unknown at this time. Law enforcement did not release his name to media. #county17 #news