Wyoming Democrats Agree to Bind Superdelegates to Popular Vote

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) The day went long, but it could have went even longer. A vote for who to send to the Democratic National Convention in July was the last thing on the agenda before lunch yesterday at the Little America Convention center in Cheyenne. Ballot misprints and confusion with the state's by-laws versus the DNC's meant the vote got pushed back nearly seven hours. One veteran county delegate said that this was the worst-organized convention she'd been to in some time. But she encouraged the new people in attendance to not let it discourage them. Worry that young voters would become disenfranchised this election was on many people's minds. The committee to amend the Wyoming Democrats' party platform had met Friday for over 14 hours to hammer out a final draft for presentation on the floor Saturday afternoon. Several at that meeting brought a list of grievances to the convention for consideration, but were never heard. After spending an hour debating the first paragraph of a ten page document, it became clear that the meeting would well overrun the time allotted. Suspension of debate and the vote to accept the party's platform as-is had several delegates angry, with some leaving the floor altogether. The next opportunity for the Democrats to amend the document will be in two years. With everyone tired and hungry, at 9 p.m. during the call to adjourn was when Sanders supports proposed a resolution. It would allow unpledged delegates, or "superdelegates" to vote in July in a way that reflects the caucus vote in Wyoming on April 9th, which showed a 56% to 45% split of voters in favor of Sanders. The resolution was passed. Currently the delegate split is 7-7, though the Wyo Dems intend to challenge that with the DNC, as well. A more accurate division of national delegates that would reflect the popular vote would be 8 for Sanders and 6 for Clinton. That leaves four unpledged delegates for the state. The resolution for superdelegates would allow the unbound votes in Wyoming to either reflect our state's popular choice for the Democratic nominee, or to vote with the DNC should a clear winner be chosen in July. "I remain hopeful that the pledged delegate split can be fixed, but that is not the only issue we've had with respect to misrepresentation," said Albany County delegate Will Welch. "I think the vote on this resolution clearly demonstrated that Wyoming Democrats believe the entire national delegation, including super-delegates, should represent our collective preference." It was a large victory for the Sanders supporters that happened rather quickly and orderly compared to the rest of the day. "It's up to the delegates themselves now to oblige," Welch added. #county17 #county10 #oilcity #shortgo #buckrail #reboot #dally #springcity #news