Former City Employee Suspected of Fraud

(Gillette, Wyo.) In May of 2015, Patrick Martin was terminated from his employment as Fleet Manager for the City of Gillette following several unexplained charges on his employee-issued purchase card, or "p-card." Chief of Police Jim Hloucal requested the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation conduct an investigation in to the allegations that Martin had used his p-card to make more than $5000 in personal purchases since 2013. The City switched to new software for logging purchases in July of 2013, and according to court documents, it is believed that Martin had not entered any of his receipts in to the system since its implication. It's also alleged that he entered fake or misleading descriptions of the things he bought with City funds. Over 50 items were noted in the investigation including Christmas lights, multiple power tools, home repair items, chewing tobacco, and a Wifi Router -- the latter of which is what triggered the original HR investigation. Martin claims that many of the items were bought "accidentally," and that the WiFi Router had been returned, though no return receipt was ever produced. Martin also claims that most of the items bought were to try and construct a heat re-circulation device to use on the city's snow plow trucks. He was arrested Thursday on three counts of unlawful use of a credit card for sums of $1000 or more. Each charge is a felony, punishable by up to 10 years in prison. #county17 #news