Police Arrest Suspect in Related Car Burglary Cases

(Gillette, Wyo.) Local law enforcement believes they may have solved a string of thefts dating all the way back to February. Several women reported having their purses stolen from their vehicles the past three months. In two instances mothers left their cars unlocked and running outside of daycares to take their children inside. Some had windows smashed out while parked overnight. In one case, a woman's handgun was in her purse . On April 5th Gillette police talked to 34 year old Darrell Huskinson while he was in custody of the Volunteers of America. Darrell had called the detectives for the meeting to talk about car burglaries he stated he was involved with. He admitted to thefts on February 1st, March 5th - 7th, and March 14th, according to court records. He would take cash out of wallets and any bank or credit cards he could find with the pin numbers in the purse, and would ditch the rest of the belongings in the garbage -- in one case at Cam-plex Park. In regards to discovering a handgun in a purse, he stated that he panicked and dumped it behind Surf and Suds shortly after taking the purse from the vehicle. Huskinson stated he was on drugs at the time. Despite many of the women reporting their cards stolen and stopping their accounts, Huskinson was able to make cash withdrawals, in some instances worth over $1000. He was charged with five counts of burglary -- one for each known instance he illegally entered a vehicle -- a felony. Each charge could bring a prison sentence of 10 years. He was also charged with five counts of theft for taking the purses. Four of the counts are a misdemeanor with a maximum six month sentence. The theft of the handgun counts as felony theft, with a maximum sentence of 10 years. And finally, for successfully using one woman's Sears card and Discover card -- even allegedly calling Chase from his personal phone number to try to use that card as well -- he was charged with two counts of credit card fraud, for amounts less than $500, a misdemeanor, which is a maximum six month sentence. #county17 #news