Trying to get to the other side: Baby ducklings rescued from busy intersection

(Gillette, Wyo.) Sunday afternoon, residents spotted a duck and her ducklings crossing the intersection of Highway 59 and Boxelder, from Taco Bell to Walgreens. They watched two of the ducklings fall into the gutter and tried to help. One woman called to report it at about 5 p.m., and was directed to the City of Gillette for help. GPD contacted Campbell County Fire for aid rescuing the ducklings that had become trapped in the storm drains beneath Boxelder. [image: 13383898_10209767885499371_244147458_o.jpg] The City's Streets Department, CCFD, Gillette Police, and the Game and Fish Department all helped recover one of the ducklings, while another had already been scooped out by a good samaritan before help arrived. Witnesses think there may be four ducklings total, and were told by Game and Fish that the others will find their way out of the sewers, by the Wal-Mart drainage system. According to CCFD, the rescued ducklings were safely turned over to Game and Fish, hoping they will soon be reunited with their mother. #county17 #news