Local Team Skates in to Crook County Summer Reading Program

(Sundance, Wyo.) This morning, Gillette helped kids in Sundance experience an all new sport. Moorcroft Library's Lacey Haynes, who is also a member of the Gillette Roller Derby league, brought teammates from Coal Miners' Daughters and junior skaters from the Miner Misfits to the Crook County Courthouse for a crash course in what it takes to play roller derby. Kids learned about safety, game play, and why even librarians love the game. "This summer's reading program theme is sports," explained Haynes, who skates as Storm E. Riot. "I told them a little history about roller derby, and then we showed them some jumping and other fun skating skills, too." [image: 13411855_10154164663513898_6496801737377110180_o.jpg] Team founder Lylie Weeks, brought her daughter Kyenne, who skates as PepperEEKa, in order to show that kids have a place in the sport, as well. "The kids are just amazing," said Weeks, who skates as Karma Suture. "Every kid beings a unique strength to the team. It's a great way for families to participate in the same sport and build healthy habits and many life skills." The Summer Reading Roller Derby series will continue in July in Moorcroft on the 7th, and with Hulett Library later in the month. Moorcroft has a continuing interest in bringing the sport to town, and has collaborated with Gillette Roller Derby for an exhibition bout during Jubilee Days, which this year is July 8th and 9th. The bout will be in the Moorcroft Rec Center on the 9th. [image: 13412000_10154164663403898_16831034456597645_o.jpg] "We want to show the area yet another way that the recreation center can be utilized for family sports and events," explained Weeks. "It will be the first roller derby game in Moorcroft ever!" It's been a rebuilding season for the Coal Miners' Daughters, who have lost several veteran players due to the economy, but are replacing with "fresh meat" -- new skaters and roller derby rookies. The league's second home bout, a doubleheader featuring the junior derby team, takes places Saturday at the Cam-Plex at 5 p.m. Tickets are $8 at the door. *Photo h/t Crook County Library // Pitchengine Communities* #county17 #news