Two More Bus Line Arrests Involving Over 100 Pounds of Marijuana

(Billings, Mon.) Two arrests in two days have resulted in Billings Police capturing over 115 pounds of marijuana being trafficked through Montana on the Jefferson Bus Line. Eighteen year old Kaine Hanson was stopped Sunday when other passengers stated that his luggage smelled like marijuana. He was found with 26 bags of marijuana, according to KTVQ , and charged with felony possession with intent to distribute. This morning, 32 year old Duy Nguyen appeared in Yellowstone County Court after his arrest Tuesday on a Jefferson Bus Lines bus. He had five pieces of luggage with more than 100 pounds of marijuana found inside. Both men were traveling cross-country from Washington State. This is after three men were arrested last Tuesday in Gillette on the same bus line with over 90 pounds of marijuana, after a tip from the Billings Police Department. Those men denied knowing they were in possession of drugs, saying they'd been given the bags by a man they did not know in Seattle and asked to take them to New Jersey. Nguyen was also traveling from Seattle, and reportedly could not tell officers his birthday, address or phone number. He and Hanson are still in Yellowstone County Jail, Hanson with no bond. Of the three men arrested last week, two -- Wu Bo Huang and Zhi Wei Liang -- were able to post bond. Bo Yi Chen is still in custody at the Campbell County Detention Center. *Feature photo: Billings K9 Officer Firebaugh and his partner "Kooko" with 14.38 lbs of marijuana seized on Sunday.* #county17 #news