Storm damage may have been a tornado

(Gillette, Wyo.) Last night when the thunderstorms blew in to town, they took part of the Mackey Farm with it. Faye Mackey is a trained weather spotter with Campbell County Emergency Management and reported at around 6:15 last night that she had seen a funnel cloud come out of the storm. That's when she headed for her basement. When she came back upstairs, a large portion of her barn roof was missing. It had blown onto nearby power lines, and after Campbell County Fire assessed the situation, Pre-Corp was called to handle it. EMA Deputy Coordinator Charlie Messenheimer says that they're pretty confident Faye knows what she's talking about and are counting her sighting as a confirmation of a tornado in the area. Plenty of other residents saw thick black dust that looked like smoke. Starting around 6:30 last night, Campbell County Fire went out on several calls of possible fires. In one case on Palomino Road, they suspected a lightning strike had started a fire. It turned out to be clouds that had brought up debris and gave the appearance of something other than a regular storm. "There was a lot of dust in several places kicked up," said Messenheimer. "We were warned by the National Weather Service that there might be a lot of gusty wind, but that was expected on I-90 between Sheridan and Buffalo." There was in fact a lot of wind up in the Big Horns, as well. An empty 18 wheeler truck blew over shortly before 6 p.m. at the port of entry north of Sheridan while it was trying to go up the ramp to the scales. The driver had minor injuries. Both the Campbell County Sheriff's Office and Campbell County Fire responded to Peaceful Valley Road around 7:30 for another possible tornado sighting, but could find no evidence of that. #county17 #news