City Re-Assessing Donkey Creek Festival Improvement Project

(Gillette, Wyo.) The Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund awarded over $200,000 to 26 organizations around the state this month, in order to aid programs in Wyoming that benefit the arts and historic preservation. The City of Gillette was awarded $10,000 for improvements to the Donkey Creek area on Gillette College's campus, specifically for the Donkey Creek Festival. Unfortunately, the City asked for $50,000 in funds, in order to start a near $200,000 renovation plan. "We're re-evaluating the project to see what we can still do," said City Communications Manager Geno Palazzari. "We'll prioritize what needs to be done, but some things are dependent on other aspects of the project." [image: prospective.jpg] Things like a permanent concrete stage area for performances, along with hillside seating to allow people to enjoy concerts on more level ground. That would also include grading, not just for a seating wall, but for vendors, as well. "Weight has been a concern given some of the equipment on the temporary stage," Palazzari explained, when asked why the festival needed a permanent stage. One of the most costly of the proposed improvements would be new electrical wiring for the stage, for vendors, and for the sound booth. That also means wiring for better lighting. The City is now in the process of deciding what will happen with the funds available. $150,000 of the project was already budgeted for out of City funds, but so far no decisions have been made what to do with that and the trust fund money granted to Gillette. #county17 #news