Opposition Fizzles Out During Holy Month Protest

(Gillette, Wyo.) It was a beautiful day out today, and the weather was apparently just right for a brief bit of vitriol. Monday it was too rainy and yesterday it was too hot, but two people with Anti-Islam signs managed to make it out to Queresha Masjid for a few minutes this afternoon. They'd been attempting to organize an armed protest all week. Several passing motorists had colorful language in opposition of the group, which may have been a reason why they only stuck around for about twenty minutes. This month is the holy month of Ramadan, when 1.6 billion people fast during daylight hours, pray, and give thanks to God. Members of Queresha Masjid met with supporters outside of the mosque yesterday afternoon to hug and thank them for being part of what makes Gillette great. #county17 #news