City Asking Everyone to Cut Back on Water Usage

(Gillette, Wyo.) The City of Gillette has announced that we are in a "Condition Yellow" situation, in accordance with the Water Production and Demand Management Plan. Due to extremely high water usage, the city and other large water users are asked to reduce water usage by 15% in order to bring consumption within normal operating limits. "The City of Gillette appreciates your patience and understanding in this matter and thanks all of our citizens for their efforts to conserve our limited water supply." Large water users are asked to begin preparations to reduce water usage by 33% if consumption continues to rise. The threshold to move to "Condition Yellow" is three straight days (or three out of five days) with over 10.2 million gallons per day used. We've crossed that threshold this weekend. Residential water customers are also being asked to limit their usage and follow the voluntary watering schedule, which started June 1st (and is available here .) As always, there is no watering on Mondays per city ordinance. Prohibiting residential water use on Mondays helps the city water supply replenish itself after high usage on weekends. This helps maintain a healthy water supply, which is necessary for adequate fire protection. (See also: Lots of things are already on fire this weekend .) The previous five days of water usage will be published on the city's website for residents to keep track of when heavy usage days are. It is on the right hand side in blue under the headline "SPOTLIGHT." #county17 #news