It'll Be a Little Easier to Grab a Drink During Bike Week

(Sturgis, SD) According to the Rapid City Journal , the Surgis City Council has approved lifting a town ordinance that prohibits grocery stores from selling liquor, just for the first two weeks of August, during the annual Sturgis Bike Rally. The specifics are that a store must have the backing of a non-profit (which are being made available through Sturgis Rally Charities,) pay $100 a day for a temporary license, and pay 10% of their liquor sales to the charity that they're supporting and the city of Sturgis. This temporary liquor licensing for the bike rally is an experiment to see if they can't alleviate traffic to Sturgis's one liquor store. You can read more, including comments from Sturgis' mayor, by clicking here . #county17 #news