Missouri Marathoner Finds Out Just How Friendly Gillette Is

(Gillette, Wyo.) 45 year old St. Louis resident Reist Mummau spends a lot of time on the road. Not only for work, but as a marathon runner. He was passing through Gillette from Washington this past Friday, trying to make it home for Father's Day. He started to experience some trouble with his 1979 VW Super Beetle that he'd just picked up in Seattle. He posted the following story on his Instagram: "Yesterday, I woke to see the Big Sky of Montana, followed by the snowcapped peaks of the Big Horn mountains in Wyoming. I drove until I reach to town call Gillette, there I stopped to gas up, eat some lunch, do a few conference calls and write some reports before continuing on my way. "As I left and got 30 miles out of town, my bug decided not to run anymore, it slowed and I pulled to the side of the road. I called AAA and a guy named Colby and his tow truck came and picked me up. Colby took me to a shop where Pat and Sandy made no promises, the fact of the matter was, it was 3:30 in the afternoon on a Friday and it didn't look like there was anyway that I was going to get my car fixed and be able to be home for Father's Day. [image: buginstan.png] "So I had Colby drop me off at the hotel and I proceeded to wait. Three hours later I received a call from Ed at the shop, Ed was the Volkswagen expert and this is where the story gets good. "Ed stayed late to fix my car, Ed called a lady who was on vacation and had a bug like mine. He ask if he could use parts from her car to fix my car, promising to have hers back together by the time she returned from vacation, and she said "YES". "Meanwhile Colby, the tow truck driver drove back into town to return my hat that I left in his truck. The hotel staff had put my bags in storage even though they knew I was never going to spend the night there and Ed, Sandy and Pat made sure my car was ready to go. "I've been in a lot of cities in my life, I travel this country from coast-to-coast weekly. I am now I'm nominating Gillette, Wyoming as the friendliest town in America." Thanks to Reist for sharing his story! You can check out his runner's website, Run Hard Always Finish , for more photos and stories from the road. #county17 #news