Wal-Mart Employee Cited for Animal Cruelty

*(Note: This is not the dog or the car involved. Photo was from last month at Yellowstone. And clearly this dog owns this RV.)* (Gillette, Wyo.) On Sunday afternoon around 2 p.m., Gillette Police officers responded to the Wal-Mart parking lot, where two witnesses reported that there was a dog in the back of a mini-van in the 80 degree heat. The dog, a 3 month old lab mix, was in its kennel in the back of the van, with the windows "just barely cracked," according to police reports. The owner of the van is a 24 year old Wal-Mart employee, who says he keeps the puppy in his car while he works. At the time officers responded, it was 81 degrees outside, and the puppy had excess saliva around its mouth. Dispatch was unable to contact the man at first, so officers had to enter the vehicle themselves, though no windows were smashed out. They were able to gain entry without causing any damage to the vehicle. Once the 24 year old arrived on scene, there was a disagreement about whether or not the temperature was too hot to leave a pet inside a car. Ultimately the employee was cited for animal cruelty, and the puppy was turned over to someone else the dog owner felt was responsible enough to watch it while he finished work. The United Firefighters of Campbell County, IAFF Local 5058 , recently reminded those of you with pets just how hot it gets when you leave a dog inside your car. Anything over 70 degrees is too hot: [image: 13393994_1816452158589042_7007780950623013957_n.jpg] #county17 #news