Campbell County Has A New Natural Resource Land Use Plan

(Gillette, Wyo.) After nearly two years of work, the amended Campbell County Land Use Plan was approved this morning by the Campbell County Board of Commissioners. County Planner Megan Nelms has spent the past 21 months updating the plan to make sure that state and federal agencies manage their projects in a way that protects the well-being of residents in Campbell County. The now 349 page document was postponed for final approval in April because the Commissioners felt there was not enough data contributed by the Forest Service, particularly in the sections regarding livestock and raptors. Having spent the past couple of months adding research to the plan has met with unanimous approval from the Board. "This document is now the gold standard in Wyoming," said Matt Christensen in today's public hearing. "This is backed by scientific data." The updated Land Use Plan gives Campbell County the option to challenge the BLM or anyone else who is not adhering to standards now set out by the County. It also means improved standing in court cases if a problem should come to prosecution, as it includes research and information that other counties in Wyoming don't have. Nelms plans on meeting with her staff on a regular basis to keep the document current, so the County does not have another situation that takes 21 months to resolve. No one from the public objected to the final plan. You can read it online here . #county17 #news