Recycling Program Still Up in the Air; New Landfill Already Expanding Acreage

(Gillette, Wyo.) Campbell County is working with the City of Gillette to shift responsibilities for recycling to the municipality. According to the Commissioners, not only will that ease the financial burden to the county, but will make it easier for the city to keep track of fines and fees associated with the recycling program, however it continues in the future. The discussion of how to change the program as it is now is something the Board of Commissioners have been working towards for the past two years, and with budget deadlines approaching for the next fiscal year, the city and county have been negotiating it in earnest all month. The county is also still in the process of moving to the new landfill north of town. Since these things are ongoing and the landfill more than likely will not be ready until September at the earliest, the July 1st deadline for working out an agreement is not necessarily a hard date on the calendar for a suspension of services. The community group conducting a survey about the program met with City Administrator Cartier Napier last Wednesday to present some of the results of their survey. They presented some of the comments to the County Commissioners this morning. So far out of over 400 responses, 86.5% say they currently recycle, 73% said they'd prefer an improved curbside pickup option, and 36.5% (the largest percentage) of respondents said they'd even be willing to pay $5 a month for an improved "blue bag" program. Many feel that while recycling is not cost effective at this time, diverting recyclable waste from the county landfill will cut down on the expense that will be associated with driving trash out of town once the new landfill opens. Also this morning at the commissioner's meeting, $416,000 was approved to purchase 431 more acres on the new landfill site, which includes mine property, both reclaimed and untouched. The county foresees needing the extra acreage due to the demand on the new landfill. If you'd like to participate in the community recycling survey, you can find it here . #county17 #news