'Come to Gillette' Mayor Makes Plea For Coal Industry

(Seattle, WA) Mayor Louise Carter King traveled to Seattle yesterday for a public hearing on the federal coal moratorium. It was one of the last listening sessions scheduled this year with the U.S. Department of the Interior to review the federal coal program. "There's more value to the American taxpayers than just the revenue generated from coal leases," she explained. She went to invite anyone who thinks Gillette is just another coal town to come see it for themselves. Watch the two minute speech for yourself on her Facebook page: [[[[[[[[[[[[[emebed[]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] Tomorrow is the last BLM meeting in Grand Junction, Colorado before the federal review program moves on to its next step: reviewing public comments and providing research and commentary on their findings. Several mining advocates plan to attend the Grand Junction meeting, as well, given the impact coal has on towns there, like Oak Creek . #county17 #news