Questions about the fire ban? Here's what we know.

(Gillette, Wyo.) We've received many inquiries in to the fire ban that went in to effect today. So has the County Commissioner's office, and the Campbell County Fire Department. It's more than they expected, and as a result, they're currently working out the exact details of what can and can't be done around the county under the restrictions suggested yesterday by the Fire Warden. One question everyone seems to be asking is if they're allowed to have a fire pit in their own yard. We asked Fire Chief Bill Shank about it: "It's my understanding that in the city limits -- and in the city limits only, not out in the county -- fire pits less than 36 inches in diameter and less than two feet deep are still allowed." In addition, the fireworks show at the Cam-Plex for the fourth is definitely cancelled. More details on what kinds of fireworks you can buy and use in the county for the holiday will hopefully be made available soon. #county17 #news