Diabetic Shock Causes One-Car Accident

(Gillette, Wyo.) Gillette Police received several calls from witnesses on Thursday night that stated someone in a Jeep was trying to run over pedestrians in the Subway parking lot. At around 6 p.m., officers arrived at the Subway on 2nd Street and found a 43 year old man had rammed his Jeep up on a pile of decorative rocks near that intersection. At first, he refused to get out of the car and tried to spin his tires to get away. Officers extricated the man through the driver's window. That's when they noticed that he was wearing an insulin pump. EMS responded to the scene and determined that the man was not drunk, but had extremely low blood sugar. He'd driven over several curbs in the area, but caused no property damage, and did not injure any pedestrians in the parking lot, so he was not cited. The damages to the undercarriage of his Jeep are over $1000. #county17 #news