The Kara Creek Fire in Photos: 5000 Acres Burned, One Home Lost

*Photo h/t Julie Pflaumer of Rozet* (Sundance, Wyo.) Last night, several areas surrounding Pine Haven were evacuated due to the Kara Creek Fire. Lightning ignited a wildfire near Keyhole Lake that quickly spread to over 200 acres because of wind gusts in the area. It is now estimated at 5,000 acres. Crook County Fire is reporting that the fire is burning east of the Keyhole Reservoir between Pine Haven and Sundance. One home was lost during the initial attack on the fire. Pine Ridge Road, Old Sundance Road to I-90, H-Kay Road, Inyan Kara Creek Road, Windmill Lane, Arrowhead Drive, Tom Cat Lane, Tomcat Creek Road, and Nefsy Road are closed to non-emergency traffic. Sheltering for those that have evacuated is available at the Crook County Fairgrounds. Here are some of the photos readers have sent in of flames and smoke visible from Rozet, Moorcroft, and Pine Haven: [image: KylerDavis2.jpg] [image: KylerDavis1.jpg] *Kyler Davis, smoke visible from Rozet* *[image: LaVerneSipe.jpg]* *LaVerne Sipe, fire visible from the D Road outside of Moorcroft* *[image: GinnyOedekoven.jpg]* *Ginny Oedekoven, taken from I-90, east of Keyhole, north of Pine Ridge Rd* *[image: BobbyGrow.jpg]* *Bobby Grow, fire off the D Road by Moorcroft* *[image: JuliePflaumer1.jpg]* *[image: JuliePflaumer2.jpg]* *[image: JuliePflaumer3.jpg]* *[image: JuliePflaumer4.jpg]* *Julie Pflaumer, fire north of Keyhole visible from Rozet* *[image: JordanKLaRae3.jpg]* *[image: JordanKLaRae2.jpg]* *[image: JordanKLaRae1.jpg]* *Jordan K LaRae, taken in Pine Haven as he delivered food to the firefighters.* As a footnote, the Douglas Fire south of Sundance has now been contained. It burned around 2000 acres, and the evacuation of Sundance Canyon Ranch has now been lifted. #county17 #news