Gillette College Develops New Medical Certificate Program

(Gillette, Wyo.) To meet growing demand at Campbell County Health and other medical clinics across the community and state, Gillette College has opened a new Medical Assistant certificate program. The program will train 8-16 students annually beginning this fall. Typically, clinics and hospitals handle training medical assistants on the job. But to ensure students get sufficient classroom instruction and clinical practice time, CCH has determined the best way to move forward is to partner with Gillette College for this program. "Medical assistants can draw blood, give injections, perform EKGs, and even assist in minor surgeries," said Director of Nursing at NWCCD, Louise Posten. "An additional credential ensures the medical assistant meets high standards and is safely and appropriately trained. Medical assistants can contribute greatly to the success and flow of a clinic or office – they’re very valuable." Students will take the national certification exam in their final semester. The program is designed to last two semesters and students will complete 33 credit hours of coursework, including 360 hours of clinical practice. In the first semester, students will focus on learning front-office work, such as gathering patient information to bill insurance. The following semester, students will learn about phlebotomy, giving injections, and assisting in minor surgeries. "We saw that the hospital needed a more formalized training program and pipeline to staff its clinics, and this course is the result,"said Dr. Mark Englert, Vice President and CEO of Gillette College. "[We] will continue to have conversations with community leaders to develop the kinds of courses they need to put people to work." #county17 #news