Representing Gillette is Team Tumbleweed as they take on the Cowboy Tough Adventure Race

Adrian Gerrits and Paul Hladky are Cowboy Tough Adventure Race alums. Gerrits and Hladky have particiapted in the race for the past three years as a team, and to qualify for the Cowboy Tough the first year they did the Stubborn Mule 30hr. in Wisconsin together. This year the team has entered the race as, "Team Tumbleweed", and although they see themselves on a different level than the professionals that show up, Team Tumbleweed could be force to be reckoned with to all the first year teams. In an interview with team member, Adrian Gerrits we wanted to know how their team prepares for a race as grueling as the Cowboy Tough. Gerrits informed us that they usually maintain their, " fitness over the winter with lots of long runs. Once it warms up in the spring we start doing longer rides and then try to incorporate a few 12-24hr mountain bike rides to get our bodies used to the long days." Acclimating your body to 24hr days of physical activity is a key part of training for the Cowboy Tough considering it lasts for 3.5 days. After continuous activity it is important to stay fueled, but everybody will start to crave different foods after 48 hours straight of demanding work. In Adrian's case he's found that, "the best food on the trail is tuna fish sandwiches and salty potato chips. There's nothing like a 2 day old tuna fish sandwich that's been baking in your backpack. Other than that we try to eat real food, all the energy foods like bars, gels, etc. are really hard on the stomach after awhile. But for whatever reason, real food just seems to hit the spot." This may not be the answer for every adventure race athlete but for Adrian it's key! Prior to living in Wyoming, Gerrits raced road bikes for a living so naturally the stage Adrian is looking forward to the most is anything dealing with bikes. He mentioned, "We're also pretty decent at trekking but paddling is not our strong suit." [image: Inline image 1] Throughout the race many of the athletes are working so hard it might be easy for them forget that they're traveling through some of the most scenic and rural parts of Wyoming. Adrian considers this aspect, "The best part of the get to see parts of Wyoming you never would otherwise. Sometimes when you drive across this state you think to yourself, 'man, I'd love to get out there and just hike or bike across the prairie'...and that's exactly what you get to do in this race. I've seen some of the most breathtaking parts of Wyoming in the past three years and it's all experienced at a pace that let's you really enjoy it...if you can focus on anything but staying upright on the bike." Be sure to follow Team Tumbleweed's progress during this year's Cowboy Tough Adventure Race!