Five Independence Day Projects That Won't Set Everything On Fire

(Gillette, Wyo.) Fireworks are banned from both city and county use this 4th of July, and that's bummed a lot of people out. While nothing can replace the fun of bottle rockets and the sight of a big pyrotechnic display, there are still some things you can with the kids do that won't break the bank or set your yard on fire. 1. *Balloon Bombs* All you need are balloons, confetti (or glitter, even more obnoxious! Score!) and a funnel. If you're really looking to get dirty, try filling water balloons with water tinted by food coloring first. 2. *Pinatas* Again, nothing can substitute the joy of blowing something up. But how about beating something repeatedly with a baseball bat and at the end you get candy? (Remember to fill the pinata with prizes, though, or you're just beating cardboard with a stick.) 3. *LED Lights / Glow Sticks* You can still spell your name (or swear words) when it gets dark, you don't need sparklers. 4. *Diet Coke and Mentos* These both still exist, if you desperately need something to make a huge, noisy mess. 5. *Get out and have some fun.* The County will be hosting activities at Bicentennial Park starting at noon, Frontier Lanes opens at 4 p.m., Gillette Theaters is screening new releases all day, and there are still plenty of places to hike, fish, and swim (just not the city pool) during the fire ban. #county17 #news