How to avoid trouble this Independence Day weekend

(Gillette, Wyo.) The holiday weekend is so close to being here! Some of you may have already left town to claim a good campsite. Local law enforcement want to make sure everyone has a safe, fun Fourth, and are reminding residents to enjoy the celebrations responsibly and respectfully. But as a precaution, Gillette Police will have extra enforcement out on the roads this weekend. "Have a plan to get home safely if you're going to go out and drink," said GPD Lt. Chuck Deaton. The extra patrols around the city are possible through a grant from the Wyoming Highway Safety Office. But it's not just drinking and driving that's a concern over the holiday. Casper Police Sergeant Scott Jones told sister site Oil City that a good tip is to not "stumble around your neighborhood drunk, yelling at your neighbors, while wearing only a pair of socks." While it's not illegal to be drunk in public in the city limits, it is illegal to be drunk in public while acting stupid. Yelling obscenities in the middle of the street, for instance, often gets you arrested, whether you're drunk or not. In addition to not drinking and driving, a good way to stay out of trouble is to not bother with fireworks this weekend, as they're illegal both in the city limits and now in the county, with the fire ban that was issued last month . #county17 #news