The IRS Does Not Want Your iTunes Cards

(Gillette, Wyo.) The scammers have started back up again in Campbell County. Yesterday several residents, including family members of the Sheriff's Office, were contacted by a man with a thick accent asking for $2000 in payment for various debts. The phone calls from a Maryland area code were from a man claiming to be with the IRS, and threatened arrest if the recipients did not pay immediately. One woman was told she needed to pay off an $11,000 Chapter 13 bankruptcy debt. She purchased $2000 worth of iTunes cards after the caller said he would have her and her ex-husband arrested if she did not promptly pay him. After buying the cards, and giving the caller her birth date and part of her social security number, she stopped at the Sheriff's Office to check the veracity of the phone call. She was directed to also contact the IRS to try and protect her identity. A 31 year old man also reported to the Sheriff's Office that he had received a similar call asking for $2000. He was threatened with five years of jail time if he did not pay up. He instead reported it to law enforcement and no money was lost. The IRS will contact you by mail if you do owe money. They do not make phone calls and do not threaten to get police involved or have you arrested for non-payment. They do not request payment over the phone or via iTunes cards. The iTunes aspect of this scam is relatively new, popping up in April. There are Campbell County residents who have lost money this way. You can report a suspicious phone call directly to the IRS on their website . #county17 #news