City Reminds Pokémon Go Players to Take it Easy

(Gillette, Wyo.) This morning after spending the night chasing residents out of area parks, law enforcement asks that people be aware City Parks close at 11 p.m. Since the app's launch last week, there have been over 7 million downloads of the game. Many law enforcement agencies have issued warnings to be aware of your surroundings as a pedestrian playing the game, and certainly do not play it while driving. Corporal John Lawrence with the Gillette Police Department said night shift patrols found around 50 people at Lasting Legacy Park at 2 a.m. this morning, and also checked reports of suspicious activity at Gillette College, Cam-Plex Park, and Fishing Lake between the hours of 1 and 3 a.m. The types of Pokémon you can catch depends largely on the actual physical area you search for them, with lakes and forests having different results than residential or business areas. City Parks are closed between 11 p.m and 5 a.m. Most people leave after being reminded of the park hours, but repeatedly being caught in parks after hours can result in a citation. Corporal Johnson added that if you're going to play on private property, make sure you have permission to be there from the owner. There have also been reported instances of people being where they shouldn't on private land. So far readers have reported that Wal-Mart is a pretty popular place to find Pokémon. And, since it's open 24 hours, you can certainly go hunting at 2 a.m. But as there's no time limit to the game, you could also get yourself a full night's sleep and start playing again in the morning. [image: 13620297_270204660013357_8378761850033460730_n.jpg] *Photo h/t Dez Marrow* #county17 #news