District Court remodel complete; Circuit Court requires updating, as well

(Gillette, Wyo.) This morning Campbell County Commissioners toured District Courtrooms 1 and 2, which recently underwent a $250,000 remodel. In January the project to update the technology in the two courtrooms was already $30,000 over budget, and required the approval of the board to expand their original $195,000 budget to finish both phases of the construction project at once , which overall saved the county money. [image: 20160714_100126.jpg] New podiums, desks, and court reporter stations all feature audio and video upgrades that make it easier for juries, attorneys, and presiding judges to access evidence related to cases being tried. Acoustic tiles installed at the back of each room also make it easier for jurors to hear what is going on around the courtroom. Currently they are working on adding swivel arms to video monitors at council stations so that they can be viewed by everyone surrounding the judge's bench. [image: 20160714_100834.jpg] Campbell County Circuit Court had previously requested $14,000 to replace furniture in Circuit Court offices and courtrooms, some which are in a state of disrepair or that have not been updated in 20 years. But with the county budget taking a priority the first half of the year, the request was put off until today. Commissioners examined chairs and tables in Circuit Court to see if repairs were warranted. Circuit Court administrative staff says they're willing to replace everything in stages, to deter costs, but they're hoping that everything ends up matching in the end. Though the jury box in Circuit Court is not used every day, council tables and chairs are, and have wear and tear that need to be addressed first. #county17 #news