'I'm very passionate about our community': Local Woman Wants to Make Sure 'Things are being done right'

(Gillette, Wyo.) Heather Herr has lived in Campbell County for 36 years, but with layoffs in the energy industry piling up, she can no longer sit back and do nothing to try and help. Her family owns American Compressor Solutions, a natural gas business, but the past few years she has been staying at home with her son, who's about to head off to college. Attending commissioner meetings and workshops the past few months, she's been getting a grasp on what's been going on in Campbell County, and thinking about putting her name in the hat for office. "I'm passionate about our county as a whole, meaning both the city of Gillette, the town of Wright, and the whole community," Herr told County 17. "My concern is that this place that I grew up in that I love had people making decisions with our community's best interests in mind." Herr, who is the only woman running for a commissioner's seat, admits the county has a lot on their plate lately. But with the downturn in the economy, she thinks it's a good time to brainstorm ways to diversify, and avoid the boom-or-bust cycle. "Our leaders take a big part in diversifying our economy, and I want to make sure that we're doing all that we can, so that we don't have these big ups and downs that we do." If elected, she hopes to try and pull together a "think tank" from people in the community. She credits how many entrepreneurial residents we have in the county with being able to figure out what can be done, as well as the amenities Campbell County has to offer to outside businesses, like lower property taxes. "There's a lot of things beside these filters that we're doing with coal that we can do," Herr explained. "There's also a lot of companies that make things with coal that are looking for less expensive places to produce their product, and we have that here." Her concern for the direction of Campbell County started with oil and natural gas layoffs, but "the straw that broke the camel's back" for her was coal mine layoffs in March. "I'm very driven. Everything I do, I'm passionate about, and I do with 110%. Sitting here and not doing anything about it is not making sure that our community is being taken care of. [I thought] 'If you're that concerned, you should do something.' That's just my personality." #county17 #news