Show us your rodeo: Photos from the NHSFR 2016

(Gillette, Wyo.) We've started a photo album for our photos and yours from this week's National High Schools Finals Rodeo. Send us some snaps from your time out at the Cam-Plex! Here's some of ours: [image: 13719713_1188758921176957_6667395806580031280_o.jpg] *Cowboys relaxin' at the message chair stations up in the mezzanine.* [image: 13700965_1188759347843581_8824203254335845815_o.jpg] *It was hot even in the shade: goats trying to catch some rest between events out at the rough stock arena.* [image: 13781982_1188759064510276_5772689215458660221_n.jpg] *Contestant numbers stacked up out at Rodeo HQ, in Energy Hall. * *Feature Photo: A portion of the Trade Show at the Wyoming Center.* #county17 #news