'I'm Sure There's A Way': Campaigning for Unity in Campbell County

(Gillette, Wyo.) Sterling Albers has been a resident of Campbell County for 46 years, a paramedic for 16 years, volunteer firefighter for 15 years, and coal miner for 10 years. We talked to him last week about his new business, JR Laser Tag , and he talked with us a little about his campaign for County Commissioner. "This is home. I want to give back to the community and help us bring business to town, and use our facilities to their full extent." Part of that is using the Cam-Plex as much as possible, Albers says. He thinks Gillette should have the National High School Rodeo every year, and should push be its permanent host. It's something he thinks could really diversify the economy, with the outside money it brings in to the county. "We don't need to rely heavily on the coal and the oil and the gas industry. Everybody needs to come together and pitch in and bring their ideas to the table, and I want to be part of that." With the rail system we already have in place, Albers thinks Campbell County could be a center for all sorts of manufacturing, not just energy related products. He mentioned needing to bring our infrastructure up to date "with the rest of the world" by gaining high fiber internet to try and woo IT companies in to town. He also wants to try and bring together the municipal and county governments again. Being on the same page and working together is the main thing he hopes to see going forward. "The City Council and the Commissioners need to work on things together. We're all in the same sandbox, we can't be throwing dirt in each other's face. We have to work together to make things better." You can find out more about Sterling Albers on his Facebook Page . #county17 #news